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Ms. Clean Services

Searching for the best cleaning company Rapid City has to offer?

The first step to any great cleaning starts with the cleaner.  Home cleaning is perceived to be mental work.  However, when done professionally, it's anything but.  Many cleaning companies, CAN NOT offer training.  As a former janitorial and detailed cleaning instructor in Denver Colorado and chosen aware winning cleaning company per the Real-estate board, your cleaner is fully trained, in uniform, and carrying specific specialty products. 

Our approach to customer service:

Punctuality is clearly at the top of our list.  An honest, hard-working cleaning company, leaving clients impressed and happy with their money spent. Quality cleaning, covering the proper way to clean and handle every situation, ensuring every client's "home" and personal things are properly handled. 

We think our reputation precedes us in that regard!


The complete cleaning, conditioning and restoration of your automobile's original appearance.  For a look and feel of a new vehicle! Learn more >>

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

We will perform final walk through to make sure you are satisfied with the oucome of your carpet cleaning services!...Learn More >>

Window Cleaning
Window Cleaning

Whether you're tackling spring cleaning, preparing for the holidays, or just tired of looking through dirty windows, we can help! Learn More >>

References upon request.

Schedule it and forget it - convenient room to room check list:

Quick and easy detailed list for each room.  It's really that easy.  We start from top to bottom...dust, clean, baseboards, windows, track, ledges, blinds, vacuum and even your trash cans. 

We do not require you to provide cleaning supplies (we do that).  Have Clutter? Our Maid will help with that too. 

Why choose us? Are you looking for...

  • Detailed cleaning residential/commercial
  • Sparkling bathroom
  • Streak free windows and hardwood floors
  • Zap hard water
  • Eliminate pet order and stains
  • Carpet shampooing & touch stain removel

Call Us Today at 605-490-8428

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    Your one stop for cleaning services, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and auto-detailing.  Call us today!

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